Friday, May 31, 2013

April 2013

The month of April in pictures and videos!

I am a big fan of the musical group, The Police and I have a shirt that I wear to bed that has pictures of them on it.  Luke started pointing to the band members so I taught him their names.  Here's a video of Luke now telling me who they are.  Ha ha

Luke is also obsessed with helping me vacuum.

On April 3rd we had our ultrasound for baby #2 and found out that we are having another boy!  We are excited!

Trying to get Luke to say brother!

My lunch date at Chick Fil A.  Yum!  He ate some chicken and then his ice cream (of course)!

Luke woke up in the middle of the night sick so he and mom spend most of the early morning hours on the couch.  Dad decided to relax with Luke when he got up.

We couldn't get him to eat much, but he does love fruit!  :)

My parents came for a visit before heading to Mexico for my sister's wedding and even though Luke was sick he was so happy to see them! 

Eating his applesauce with a spoon.

Our baby is officially 18 months old!  And here he is doing the Chicken Dance!  Ha ha

While my parents were here they did what grandparents do and spoiled Luke with all sorts of stuff.  Here he is modeling his Trojan outfit.

We took Luke to the Dr. for this 18 month check and it turned out that he had strep throat.  :(  We had them do an antibiotic shot instead of doing a liquid antibiotic and that turned out to be a bad decision.  The shot hurt his poor leg, and he was in pain and refused to walk on it the rest of the day.  Grandpa did go out and get Luke some Popsicles though, so that helped! 

I got my haircut!  Yay!  Here's a cute picture of us (including my bump)

Luke with his Taylor grandparents!

Luke loves playing with Grandpa.  They played hide and seek a lot.

First bubble bath was so much fun!

Running to the park!  He was so excited to swing!

Playing with dad in the garage!  These boys have too much fun when mom is gone.

Holding hands with mom.  LOVE!

This kid loves his fruit.  It makes me happy!

April is Blue Bonnet season here in Texas so we went to the same field we did last year and took some new pictures.  Luke just wanted to wander and not be held so it was a little difficult, but I love them!

More bath fun!

Eating ice cream with mom.  Our favorite night time dessert.

Someone was playing in my car!


He looks so big here! 

We got a groupon for a local "Safari Park" and finally took Luke.  I think he had a good time.  There was a lot to do.

He got to ride an elephant!


Train ride!

Playing in a ball pit

There was an ice cream shop nearby so we had to try it out.  Luke loves ice cream.  He calls it "Um Yum"!

Then this lucky boy got a cupcake from our neighbors birthday party down the street.  It was Elmo!  He ate most of it.

Watching movies with mom.
Brian and I made a toy for Luke.  I got the idea for this project on Pinterest.  It's called a latches board.  I just bought a wood board and painted it and then picked out different latches and locks and Brian screwed them into the wood for me.  Luke likes to play with it.
My little artist!
We got Luke an alphabet puzzle and he's been learning his letters.
We decided to take Luke to the zoo and we had heard great things about the Fort Worth Zoo so we headed there.  It was a nice day, and the zoo was great.  There were a lot of people there and between Brian trying to keep Luke out of trouble and me dealing with the stroller it was difficult to get a lot of pictures.  If we had Luke in the stroller then he couldn't see the animals, but if he was out he wanted to run around. Plus, we couldn't get him to look at the camera. 
Luke's newest obsession is the Toy Story movies.  He's just loves Woody, Buzz, and Jessie.  His favorite movie is the 3rd one and he loves the Latin dancing at the end.  Here's a video of Luke dancing along at the end.  We love to watch him dance. 
Popsicle face!
Someone got into the Tupperware cabinet!
Earlier in the week we went to Ikea and bought Luke a table and chairs for the play room.  We wanted a safe place for him to color and do other projects.  He loves it and pretty much colors every day.
After bath strong poses.
Playing hide and seek with mommy
April was another great month.  We can't believe that Luke is officially 18 months old.  It has gone by so quickly.  I often miss my "chubby blob" but this talkative little boy is just as great!